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The town Senj – tourist destination of Lika-Senj region

Otok Pag

Senj - its tourist potential and summer holiday

Senj its surrounded area not too developed when it comes to tourism, even though there no objective reasons that. Adriatic sea is beautiful all around, therefore Senj can also offer their guests all its beauties. Beautiful clean beaches in Senj could be right choice , especially if you don’t prefer crowds that can’t be avoided in some of those large tourist centers. Private accommodation, rooms, houses of high standards very well equipped as hotels - camping sites. Warm Mediterranean sun neat beaches will make your holiday pleasurable unforgettable. Middle of Adriatic to which Senj belongs isn’t too far behind from rest of Croatian coast when it comes to tourism.
Senj's fortress .
Apart from sea, sun , beaches that Senj can offer, it also has rich historical tradition to explore. Get to know story of fight against conquerors Croatia had been involved with centuries.
All visitors can get a chance to see explore extremely well kept Senj’s fortress.
The fortress stands as a witness of a part of Croatian history anyone who visits it will have no regrets. The fortress looks like it used to when it was built anyone who comes for a visit will be fascinated will have a chance to learn about all that Senj, Adriatic Croatia went through, throughout history.

Karlobag – the most important tourist destination of Lika-Senj region

The most important destination for many tourists in this area is Karlobag. Karlobag is a small town, situated below beautiful mountain Velebit. Karlobag is connected with island of Pag by ferry.

Mountain Velebit – Croatian beauty. Highest probably most beautiful Croatian mountain Velebit did not became national park as a whole because of its size.If you enjoy mountain climbing, come visit this mountain enjoy all beauties of an untouched nature, which Croatia is known for when you get tired of climbing come to Senj or Karlobag relax by sea

Apartments , rooms, houses and private accommodation Croatia - Senj

Otok Pag

Private accommodation, rooms and houses from Apartments Croatia offer are of top quality, extremely well equipped can satisfied all those high standards that modern tourism demands..

Reservations and renting is made directly with owners.

Croatia – a small country for a big holiday and tourism! Houses, rooms, camping sites or hotels will satisfiy all your needs whether you decide to stay in private accommodation or in one of camping sites. Let Croatia, Adriatic, Karlobag, Senj Velebit be your chosen destination for this summer! Don’t miss opportunity to visit Karlobag Senj anyone who loves mountain climbing simply must visit mountain Velebit. Dalmatia, Adriatic, sun beaches are waiting for you.

Places where you can find rooms, houses private accommodation in Senj Riviera area offered by Apartments Croatia are: Senj i Sveti Juraj






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