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Apartments Croatia: private accommodation in Peljesac

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Apartments Croatia - Peljesac, Dalmatia, Croatia – the jewel of the south Adriatic.


Peljesac is an oasis of preserved nature, dedicated to tourism summer holiday.
People of Peljesac were until not long ago orientated mainly towards fishing-trade during time of Republic of Dubrovnik, Peljesac was center of shipbuilding. Today, Peljesac is oriented towards tourism summer holiday people there had turned their fishing huts into one of most beautiful tourist oasis. Whole of Peljesac is an untouched ecologically clean area, an ideal place for tourism summer holiday

Apartments Croatia - Peljesac - The best red wine

Otok Pašman

The quality of Peljesac red wine, especially Dingac is very high so it is very much wanted appreciated for.
Gastronomic offer on Peljesac in whole of Dalmatia is very rich, various specific but red wine from Peljesac is especially greatly appreciated. For many people who enjoy wine, Peljesac had become a name of quality good taste.
Dingač is a very tasteful slightly sweet red wine of top quality. Because production of wine is being made only on small area of Paeljesac nowhere else, it is not very easy to get hold of many people who enjoy good quality wine come to Peljesac for that reason only.
Another quality red wine is Postup – its production is also being made only on Peljesac name Postup comes from a small place on Peljesac - Postup near place Orebic. Wine Postup is a little less popular than Dingač but it is cheaper and for that wanted as much as Dingac.
Croatia and Dalmatia are known in world for their clean and beautiful beaches, warm sun and wonderful Adriatic sea and Peljesac is no exception. Sun, sea and beaches in this beautiful place will make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

There's no information on Apartments Croatia the island od Peljesac at the moment.






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